About us

YoungStrung puppets was founded in 2010 by Puppeteer Geoff Young.
The main aim of the company is to travel to venues, no matter how big or small, to bring live entertainment and the art of puppetry to all.

While YoungStrung puppets may still be the new kid on the block in the world of puppetry, it is by no means any less worth watching. With over 10 years of experience, and 100's of performances to date, puppeteer Geoff Young has been entertaining people of all ages, performing many shows with the Upfront Puppet Theatre.
Geoff has been a puppet enthiusiast since his childhood. Born in 1980 and fed on a healthy diet of puppet based television programmes and films, he quickly found an interest in puppets and how they worked.
His first real encounter with marionettes was a Pelham Puppet witch, which belonged to his Grandmother and hung at the end of her bed. Hours were spent pulling the colourful strings to see what they did. Little did he realise, the little wooden play-thing would become a passion, and later, a career in puppetry.

At school he was more interested in the hands on, creative subjects, to do with making things or performing, more at home making a table than sitting at one. After leaving school he went on to Cumbria College of Art and Design, where he studied audio recording techniques, audio visual and technical stage equipment.
The skills he learned through his education, mixed with his creative mind, came together when he was given the unique opportunity to work at a new puppet theatre.
After performing at a number of different festivals in Europe with Stan Parker's "Stanelli's Super Circus", the dream was realised and YoungStrung was born.

Since the company formed, YoungStrung Puppets has performed in Germany, Poland, Austria and of course a number of venues in the UK, and intends to keep on performing anywhere and everywhere, until the last string has been strung.