Norman & the Dragon

An original folk tale set in a medieval world.

This show invites you to join Norman, a simple turnip farmer, as he embarks on a quest to overcome all the odds and save the Kingdom from a ferocious dragon.

Will he succeed? How can a peasant boy hope to defeat an enormous dragon, who seems intent on destroying everything in sight? Will he return triumphant, or will the dragon simply eat Norman for breakfast.....?

Watch the show and find out for yourself how this unlikely hero fares.

The audience will meet a full cast of characters, from a bored guard who is desperate for something to do, an elf with an alergy to danger, kings, knights and dragons....

This heart warming tale draws you into it's little world, and is a truly enjoyable experience for all the family.

The show incorporates an original soundtrack, full stage lighting and effects and of course a selection of hand crafted marionettes.



Duration: 60 minutes

TYpe of show: Family

Ages:5 -500

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